Bulletin 3 is here! Bulletin 3

That was the last bulletin for this time.
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When day three started it looked like the goldmedal in Youth U26 was all about Sweden and Norway. The two teams had a big distanced to Finland/Denmark with only three more matches to play.


Bulletin 2 is here! Bulletin 2

Sweden Yellow (Women) had a good Wednesday and are now in the lead with 14.3 VP ahead of Denmark in second place - Finland in third. There are still four matches left to be played, so big changes are still possible.

The fight has begun!

Bulletin 1 is here! Bulletin 1

We hope all teams had a good trip to Sweden and wish you very welcome to a sunny Örebro!

Forcast for the next days will be good as well for bridge as for walks in the surroundings.

The play takes place in the conference rooms according to the below:

May 30 – June 1 the ’Nordic Battle’, i.e. the Nordic Bridge Team Championships, takes place in Örebro. The Championships will determine which is the best Nordic bridge country at the moment.

On behalf of the NBU (Nordic Bridge Union) the Swedish Bridge Federation hosts the Nordic Championships of 2023. The event will take place in the Swedish ”capital of bridge” Örebro at Hotel Scandic Örebro Väst, May 30th - June 1st.

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