Regler och bestämmelser

NBU:s Regler och bestämmelser för JNM och Camp


  1. The Nordic Junior Pairs Championship takes place biannually,
    in even numbered years under the auspices of the NBU.
  2. The Championship comprises four series: U26, U26w, U21 and U16
  3. The event rotates between the NBU countries (NBO).
  4. Each NBO can send as many pairs as they like in each class.

Tournament rules

  1. The higher ranking pair in each series are Nordic Pairs
  2. If possible the tournaments are to be played “all against all”, but
    if there are too many pairs for that to happen, swiss-movement
    is allowed. The number of boards should be at least 100, and
    that means that the tournament should last two days.
  3. If a pair is eligible for two classes they must decide before
    the tournament which class they are playing in.
  4. The deals are pre-dealt by computer.
  5. Each NBO issues masterpoints to their players according
    to their national masterpoint regulations.
  6. English is the official language of the tournament and
    whenever a player has looked at his hand, all players are
    expected to converse in this language only.
  7. North-South at each table is responsible for reporting the board
    result electronically after each board is completed. When North-
    South has typed in the result, East-West accepts/corrects this.
  8. Other tournament rules may be decided by NBU before
    the tournament starts.

Rules for participants

  1. Participation in the Camp is by invitation only. Juniors wishing to
    participate should apply through their NBO.
  2. Campers must be juniors. Under no circumstances may nonJuniors be admitted.
  3. Campers must immediately and unquestionable follow the
    instructions of the staff. Failure to do so will have consequences
    from warning to expulsion.
  4. No drugs are allowed.
  5. No gambling or betting is allowed.
  6. Smoking is allowed only outside in designated areas.
  7. No drinking is allowed during the Camp.
  8. Juniors will not be allowed to leave the area without permission
    from the staff.
  9. Campers are required to follow the camp program and attend all
  10. Campers are liable for any damage they may cause.
  11. Every partner must play only once with another camper, and if
    possible they should play campers of a different nationality.