Europe101 för bridgespelare upp till 29 år

En inbjudan till framtidens ledare har kommit. Man söker bridgespelare under 29 år som är intresserade av att bli framtidens ledare.
Man hoppas kunna samla 20-talet unga bridgespelare från hela Europa för ett två timmar långt onlinemöte tisdag 6 juli.

Kravet är att man är bridgespelare, under 29 år samt kan förstå och prata engelska hjälpligt.

Nedan inbjudan på engelska samt ytterligare information i bifogad pdf längst ned.

Inbjudan på engelska

As a young leader and a Bridge player, I would like to invite you to be part of a new initiative called Europe101. Established by Julia Middleton (Founder of Common Purpose) and Gordon Bajani (Former Prime Minister of Hungary), Europe101 will connect your generation across the continent, challenging you to think through – and become – the leaders that you aspire to be.

Common Purpose are holding a series of sector-based workshops with young leaders from across the whole of Europe. So that they can hear your leadership values, aspirations and beliefs, build a generational Model of Leadership and subsequently translate into a free Europe101 online programme.

This process will include an amazing working group of young European leaders who are Bridge players! Participants of the group must be:

• Under the age of 29

• A Bridge player

• Can commit to a two-hour workshop online

• Can communicate in conversational English (fluency not necessary!)

Participants will partake in a two-hour zoom workshops on the 6th of July, facilitated by Julia Middleton. During the workshops you will:

  1. Connect with other young Bridge players from across Europe, developing your network & cultural intelligence

  2. Capture the concepts that underpin your approach to leadership

  3. Distil the material into a model of leadership prototype for young Bridge players

  4. Have the opportunity to join the first ever cohort on the Europe101 online programme and become a Europe101 Ambassador

It is a low commitment process - but with the unique opportunity to be a part of building the future of leadership for a generation of Europeans. To join the workshops, please fill out the form through the link here and we will contact you with the details and invitations to the sessions! Alternatively, email Leah Jones (Europe101 Manager) on and she will be in touch.

Please send in your nominations ASAP so that we can provide all necessary details with enough notice.

Kind Regards